Dr. Varallo's South Jersey Weight Loss Program

Weight Management: Gain Control of your Body Image!

weight management Our Ob/Gyn South Jersey Office has instituted a more aggressive, modern approach to Weight Loss Management. Lose weight and help extend your life with the help of our Mica126 (Liop-Den Extreme) Injectable plus our 6 liquid supplements for rapid absorption. Available in our online store.

The key to the program is still behavior modification with emphasis on proper diet and portion control. The exercise program should fit your age, body habitus, and lifestyle. We have a certified nutritionists available for consultation to help you through this process.

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Our Adjunctive Program includes:

1) Co-Q10 100mg with L-Carnatine 1000mg liquid form plus Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg (great carbohydrate buster)    Improve and extend your life with these 3 must have supplements. Lose weight, burn fat, and increase energy. Improve memory and retard or prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Improve cardiac function and lower blood lipids. All by taking these all natural supplements with minimal or no side effects.

2) Professional Blend Green Tea Extract One of the most potent concentrates available that was formulated by Dr. Varallo. To help speed up your metabolism and burn "belly fat" (see our green tea extract page). All available from our online store.

3) Curcumin ( liquid extract) May be the best broad spectrum supplement today! Helps fight obesity through it's anti-inflammatory & anti oxident properties, Reverses insulin resistance. Also helps prevent fatty liver. Very good clinical studies underway at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

4) Omega 3D  Get the benefit of omega fatty acids (1700 mg) plus 5000 IU of vit. D. Protect your brain & heart. Imorove immunity & lower bad cholesterol.

5) Lipotropic Injections (MICA 126 - Lipo Den Extreme) This is the latest and most exciting addition to our program. All natural with no stimulants added. Please see the Lipotropic page for a full description. 1.2cc, once per week for an average of 3 monthsdepending on your response. Vials available for self administration for those that medically qualify. This comes with a complete kit for self use with the over sight of a medical professional . Myoden (AMP) is no longer available.

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In Summary, this is what we accomplish:
  • Metabolize fat and remove it from the liver
  • Improve your energy and mood
  • Convert carbohydrates into energy
  • Suppress appetite
  • Lower cholesterol (emulsify fat) and improve brain function
  • Decrease water weight
Don't give up! Follow the plan!
Set a goal and you can lose 2 pounds per week!

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