Dr. Varallo's South Jersey Weight Loss Program

October 2018

Five Different Ways to Dilate Blood Vessels Improve Blood Flow and at the Same Time Remove Plaque


1. GREEN TEA - Use 2 to 3 times per day
   Professional Blend Green Tea extract
   formulated by Joseph A. Varallo, M.D.


  • Helps prevent heart disease.
  • Helps lower Total & LDL Cholesterol.
  • Increases (good) cholesterol levels.
  • Keep your arteries clear and prevent plaque buildup.


  • Reduces blood pressure - dilates arteries.
  • Acts as blood thinner (reduces platelet aggregation - prevents strokes).
  • Reduces heart attack incidence.
  • Reduces the risk of abdominal aortic artery rupturing - strengthens artery walls.

2. GARLIC - One clove per day. Either eat it raw, cook with it or use supplement forms.

A new study shows red blood cells process compounds from digested garlic and turn them into the cell messenger hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow.

Therefore, eating garlic may increase our natural supply of this vital chemical and play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. BLUEBERRIES - 2-3 oz./day

Blueberries improve blood flow by artery dilation and thus reducing blood pressure. They also increase the antioxident defense of vascular tissue  and this in turn increases levels of nitric oxide which causes blood vessels to dilate. This antioxidant effect also helps prevent endothelia lining damage.

The polyphenols in blueberries are an important factor in preventing cardiovascular disease.

4. DARK CHOCOLATE - 1-2 oz./day

Researchers say the polyphenols in dark chocolate can help the body form more nitric oxide, a compound that causes blood vessels to dilate and blood to flow more easily. The idea that eating cocoa-rich, dark chocolate may offer greater health benefits than milk chocolate is not new.

Change your eating habits and eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.


Beet juice may boost stamina to help you exercise longer, improve blood flow, and help lower blood pressure, some research shows...Beets are rich in natural chemicals called nitrates. There are some very good beet concentrates and powders that you can use.

Through a chain reaction, your body changes nitrates into nitric oxide,
which helps with blood flow and blood pressure.

Try this every day. This 5 Point Program will make a difference
in the long run and guess what?

It is ALL NATURAL. No Excuses - Be Consistent!  -  Joseph A. Varallo, M.D. 

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November 2017

AMP (Myoden) - More reasons to take our supplements

  • A natural occurring cellular metabolite needed for proper fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Assists in muscle contraction that improves overall strength and power.
  • Increases stamina and endurance by increasing energy production at the cellular level That is why the following supplements are important to take.

Supplements that are strong activators:

1 - Alpha Lipoic Acid
2 - Green Tea Extract
3 - Curcumin
4 - Vinpocetine

Natural Process:

1 - Exercise
2 - Cold Temperature
3 - Caloeic Restriction

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July 2016


LIPOTROPIC NUTRIENTS are compounds that promote the flow of fat & bile to and from the liver. In essence, they produce a "decongesting" effect on the liver and promote improved liver function and fat metabolism. Lipotropic substances decrease the deposit or speed up the removal of fat within the liver. Lipotropic mixtures combine liver and gallbladder therapies in one product and those using it can benefit simultaneously from the power and potential of them all.

Inositol (50mg), a nutrient belonging to the B vitamin complex, is closely associated with choline. It aids in the metabolism of fats and helps reduce blood cholesterol, Inositol participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite.

Choline (50mg) is considered one of the B-Complex vitamins as well as a lipotropic nutrient. It is present in the body of all living cells and functions with inositol as a basic constituent of lecithin. Choline appears to be associated with the utilization of fats and cholesterol in the body. It prevents fats from accumulating in the liver and facilitates the movement of fats into the cells. It is essential for the health of the liver and kidneys.

Dexpanthenol (25mg) & Pyridoxine (25mg) or Vitamins B5 and B6 playa vital role in metabolism by breaking down fats and carbohydrates for energy. The higher the protein intake the greater is the requirement of B6. Vitamin B5 is critical to the manufacture of red blood cells. Vitamin B5 is also important in maintaining a healthy digestive tract and it helps the body use other vitamins more effectively. It is sometimes called the "anti-stress" vitamin because it is believed to enhance the activity of the immune system and improve the body's ability to withstand stressful conditions.

Hydroxocobolamin (500mcg), a unique form of Vitamin B12 that offers a longer lasting effect than the cyanocobolamin form. Vitamin B12 is needed for normal fatty acid and DNA synthesis. It is essential for maintaining the integrity of the nervous system and the synthesis of molecules involved in the production of energy. Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in fatigue, cognitive impairment, neuropathies and sleep disorders.

Chromium Picolinate (25mcg), "the blood sugar nutrient." Promotes normal insulin function. May help metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy. It helps to overcome cravings and levels out the highs and lows associated with a high carbohydrate diet. Chromium supports the conversion of food to energy and increases metabolic rate.

L-Carnitine (25mg) assists in the transport of fat through the cell membrane and into the mitochondria within the cell, where the fats are oxidized, resulting in the production of cellular energy (ATP). L-Carnitine accelerates the rate of ketone production which has both a protein sparing effect and appetite suppressing effect.

Dr. Varallo's Diet & Weight Loss Program
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May 2015


Nutritional Support for healthy mental function

Vinpocetine, distributed by Josheph A. Varallo, md, supplies 10 mg of vinpocetine in a vegetarian capsule. Vinpocetine is a derivative of vincamine, from an extract of the periwinkle plant.

Progressive memory loss, dementia, and related cognitive dysfunction states have become a serious medical and social problem in Western societies. According to the U.S. National Institute on Aging, in the United States alone there are as many as four million cases of the most extreme form of cognitive breakdown. With the increasing population of people over the age of 50, concern for dementia, cognitive malfunction and other related diseases has become understandable.

Vinca minor is a perennial ground cover plant known also as myrtle or periwinkle. The plant bears bright, blue-violet flowers and is most often found in the temperate zone of the Northern hemisphere. Its use as an herbal medicine dates back for centuries, where it has been used to treat everything from wasp stings to diabetes. Its many alkaloids may have blood pressure- and blood sugar- reducing properties, in addition to improvement in cognitive function.

Studies have shown that vinpocetine can be a powerful cognitive enhancement product. It is a vasodilator and thus can increase blood flow to the brain, as well as potentially improving the brain's use of oxygen, thus enabling brain cells to continue functioning, even when oxygen supplies are cut off. Vinpocetine has also been found to stimulate noradrenergic neurons in an area of the brain called the locus coeruleus. Noradrenergic neurons affect the function of the cerebral cortex�the part of the brain used to think, plan, and act. The number of these neurons declines with age, impairing concentration, alertness, and the speed with which information is processed. It may also have anti-convulsant action, which may be linked to its neuronal protective capacity and/or its modulation of several chemical transmitter systems. It can also increase cerebral metabolism and raise ATP levels in nerve cells. This increases energy and helps burn fat.

Vinpocetine capsules may be a useful dietary supplement for those who wish to support the healthy functioning of their mental processes.

FORMULA (#8502)
Each Vegetarian capsule contains:
Vinpocetine................................................... 10mg

Adults take 1 capsule daily with meals or as directed by physician.

No adverse side effects have been reported

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children.

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September 2014


How vitamin D helps you GET THINNER. Did you know that when you don't have enough Vitamin D, you feel hungry all the time, no matter how much you eat? That is because low levels of Vitamin D interfere with the effectiveness of LEPTIN, the appetite hormone that tells you when you are full. Research also shows that VITAMIN D insufficiency is associated with increased body fat. A 2009 study out of Canada found that weight and body fat were significantly lower in women with normal VITAMIN D levels than women with insufficient levels. It appears that extra fat inhibits the absorption of VITAMIN D. The evidence shows that obese people need higher doses of VITAMIN D than lean people to achieve the same level.

One of the most interesting studies on VITAMIN D comes from researchers at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. They detailed how a patient was given a prescription for 50,000 IU weekly of VITAMIN D THAT WAS INCORRECTLY FILLED FOR 50,000 IU daily instead of weekly. After six months, the patient's vitamin D level increased from 7, which is extremely low, to 100, which is at the high end of normal.

What is really Intriguing about this report was that the patient complained of a few side effects from the very high dosage, namely DECREASED APPETITE and SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT LOSS. Of course, I am not advocating that you take more Vitamin D than you need, but I think it shows that optimal levels of Vitamin D may play a role in appetite control and weight loss.

This patient's story shows why it is so important to get your Vitamin D level checked before and after treatment. That way, you will know if you are taking the right dosage, or if you need to adjust the dosage.

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Feb. 2012

Dr Varallo's  Diet &  Weight Loss Program

* Drink filtered water & avoid florinated water.
*Eat lots of Fruits & Vegetables
* Fish & Poultry instead of red meats
*Increase your physical activity - build muscle & burn fat
* Stop drinking sodas - avoid sugar & high glycemic foods (white rice, white pasta, white potatos, white bread, pizza )
* Prepare your own food  ( MSG & Nitrates are killers) Avoid all processed foods.
* Increase Vitamin D3 intake to 5000 IU/day
*Avoid anything that has DIET on the label  (Aspartame will destroy your brain)

* Keep alcohol consumption to a minimun

* Get plenty of sleep
Do all of these things plus portion control & you will lose weight.
Our weight loss injection ( MICA 126 ) plus our all liquid supplements will help you  achieve your goal.

Visit our online store to purchase.   Gain control of your every day life!

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Oct. 2011

MD Anderson Cancer Center Touts Curcumin for Weight Loss

The scientitic big league is now advocating curcumin for weight loss.

Study Title:

Targeting inflammation-induced obesity and metabolic diseases by curcumin and other

Study Abstract:

Extensive research within the past two decades has revealed that obesity, a major risk factor for
type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer. and other chronic diseases. is a proinflammatory disease.
Several spices have been shown to exhibit activity against obesity through antioxidant and anti-
inflammatory mechanisms. Among them, curcumin, a yellow pigment derived from the spice
turmeric (an essential component of curry powder), has been investigated most extensively as a
treatment for obesity and obesity-related metabolic diseases. Curcumin directly interacts with
adipocytes, pancreatic cells, hepatic stellate cells, macrophages. and muscle cells. There, it
suppresses the proinflammatory transcription factors nuclear factor-kappa B. signal transducer and
activators of transcription-3, and Wntlbeta-catenin, and it activates peroxiscme proliferator-activated
receptor-gamma and Nrf2 cell-signaling pathways, thus leading to the downregulation of adipokines.
including tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-6, resistin, leptin, and monocyte chemotactic protein-1,
and the upregulation of adiponectin and other gene products. These curcumin-induced alterations
reverse insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and other symptoms linked to obesity.
Other structurally homologous nutraoeuticals, derived from red chili, cinnamon, cloves, black
pepper, and ginger, also exhibit eflects against obesity and insulin resistance.

Study Information:

Agganwal BB. Targeting inflammation-induced obesity and metabolic diseases by curcumin and
other nutraceuticals. Annu Rev Nutr. 2011 August 21;30:173-99.
Cytokine Research Laboratory. Department of Experimental Therapeutics, The University of Texas
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston. Texas 77030. USA

Full Study:



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Sept.  2011


ad for Lipotroic Injections These injections include a combination of lipotropic agents (Methionine, Inositol,and Choline ) Important AMINO ACIDS & Co Enzymes plus Vitamin B12 & B6 as well as Myoden (AMP) to help you reduce the excessive accumulation of FAT in the liver and other tissues through their involvement in lipid (FAT) metabolism. See our Lipotropic Injections page for a full explanation.

This is especially useful for those who have hit a plateau in their weight management program. It takes dedication and desire to attain your weight loss goals. It can happen and we can help you.

bullet  bullet  bullet  bullet  bullet  bullet  

We have instituted a new aggressive weight loss program based on our many years of clinical experience. Healthy eating habits and exercise are still the back bone of our behavior modification program. Please refer to our Weight Management page & Lipotropic Injections page for full details.

The Dynamic Trio are our new adjuctive products that will help you reach your goals. The Must Have Supplements, that will help you improve and extend your life through better health.

Co-Q10 100mg with L-Carnatine 1000mg in an advanced liquid delivery system for better distribution and absorption. Add Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg and there you have it.

Co-Q10 100mg
bullet Supports energy production from fats especially in the heart and brain. Utilize and burn the fat and thus lose weight.
bullet Powerful antioxidant
bullet Helps with cardiac function and heart muscle repair (after MI)
bullet Lowers blood lipids and prevents plaque formation in your arteries (atherosclerosis)
bullet Protects the brain against Alzheimer's Disease

Now add L- Carnatine in the same liquid formula:

L-Carnatine 3000mg/day
bullet Metabolizes fat to produce energy - helps with weight loss
bullet Slows or reverses aging of the brain
bullet Vital to heart function and blood circulation
bullet Anti Inflammatory
bullet Plus many other benefits

Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg/day
bullet Helps with normal carbohydrate metabolizm and lowers blood sugar
bullet Powerful antioxidant
bullet Protects the brain from neuro degenerative disorders (Alzheimer's Disease)
bullet Helps lower blood pressure
bullet Guards against mitachondrial decay and aging
bullet Promotes detoxification and eye health

These supplements have a synergistic effect and are best taken together.

The Dynamic Trio + Ultimate Green Tea
Our decaffeinated Ultimate Green Tea increases thermogenesis (35-43%) or metabolic rate and if taken with with The Dynamic Trio increases the overall effect on weight control. Recommended dose is one FULL dropper (equivalent to 12 - 15 cups of green tea) twice a day, taken in the AM and PM in hot or cold water. See Green Tea Extract page for full details.

The content of this literature is for informational purposes only and not intended to treat, diagnose,or cure any disease or person. No claims can be made as to the safety or efficacy of listed preparations.