Dr. Varallo's South Jersey Weight Loss Program

Professional Blend Green Tea Extract:
formulation by Joseph A Varallo, MD. FACOG

The usual dosage is 1ml or full dropper in 8oz water hot or cold.

1ml of the extract contains:
95mg - 105mg of polyphenols
30mg - 33mg of EGCG.
15mg caffeine and no alcohol.

Health Benefits:

  1. Weight Loss
    1. Increase Metabolism - burn calories automatically, whether you're sleeping, walking, or watching TV. Intensifies the level of fat oxidation.
    2. Burn Fat - EGCG acting in combination with caffeine is a more powerful fat burner than caffeine alone.
    3. Reduce fat storage - EGCG decreases the amount of insulin produced by the body but increases insulin effectiveness more than 15 times (this is good for diabetics).
  2. Helps Prevent Heart Disease
    1. Helps lower Total and LDL Cholesterol. Increases (good) Cholesterol levels.
    2. Reduces blood pressure.
    3. Acts as a blood thinner (reduces platelet aggregation).
  3. Decrease risk of stroke by 80%
  4. Reduce the risk of esophageal cancer and other cancers as well
  5. Immune system booster
  6. Great anti-oxidant & anti-inflationary agent
  7. Helps digestion & decreases bloating
  8. Tooth Decay - helps destroy bacteria & viruses that cause throat infections, dental caries and other dental conditions
  9. Boosts Longevity

One dropper equals 4 to 5 cups of store bought green tea. Use 2 to 3 times per day. You can also put it in your bottled water and drink it all day long.

As if that wasn't enough, we now know that Green Tea helps with weight loss. In a study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism), plus also had a significant effect on fat oxidation. While some of the effects were originally theorized to be due to the caffeine content of green tea, the researchers discovered that the tea actually has properties that go beyond those that would be explained by the caffeine.
The same amount of caffeine as was in the green tea, administered alone, failed to change energy expenditure in other studies. This led researchers to believe that there is some interaction going on with the active ingredients of green tea that promotes increased metabolism and fat oxidation.
The researchers indicated that their findings have substantial implications for weight control. A 4% overall increase in 24-hour energy expenditure was attributed to the green tea extract, however, the research found that the extra expenditure took place during the daytime. This led them to conclude that, since thermogenesis (the body's own rate of burning calories) contributes 8-10% of daily energy expenditure in a typical subject, that this 4% overall increase in energy expenditure due to the green tea actually translated to a 35-43% increase in daytime thermogenesis.
Of critical importance to most patients is the fact that none of the research subjects reported any side effects, and no significant differences in heart rates were noticed. In this respect, green tea extract is different from some of the prescription drugs for obesity, and herbal products like ephedr, which can raise heart rates and blood pressure, and are not recommended for many individuals.

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